How to Get the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me?

How to Get the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me?

Every year in the United States, many homes and millions of dollars in property loss are incurred from clogged and dirty dryer vents. The flip side is many homeowners know this yet avoid dryer vent cleaning or contacting the professionals to help them clean their dryer vents.

The best dryer vent cleaning team is close to you, it will prevent lint, dirt, particles from gathering inside the ducts. It will also prevent the loss of lives or serious injuries that could otherwise be avoided. A1 Air Duct is your number dryer duct cleaning team near you, and if you ever need their services, they are a click away.

Dryer vents are essential in every home and help hasten the drying process. After all, you wash daily, and if you have kids, maybe a couple of times more. However, like most things around the house, they are the most ignored unit in the home. In a survey, many people don’t even know where the dryer duct is or even if they need one. For those that knew, they have never required the service of the best dryer vent cleaning team to clean the dryer vents.

Furthermore, others never bother until their vents developed problems they overlooked such as a leak, or clothes taking a long time to dry or a consistent hike in the electricity bill.

Whether you have knowledge of or not on dryer vents and how to clean them, the best and the wisest option is to have a professional do the cleaning – a deep cleaning for you.

Although there are tons of DIY videos claiming to help you save money on cleaning your air duct vent, you can never do it as well as the pros. They know their job and securing the safety of your home, lives, and the property is one of their jobs too.

Hiring the best dryer vent cleaning crew near me

A1 dryer vent cleaners are professional vent cleaning services that will remove all the entrapped dirt to make your dryer, vent, and home safe. A clogged vent is a danger waiting to happen. While many homeowners have implored many tactics to avoid hiring a professional cleaning service, this article is to inform you that the decision is wrong.

Imagine this scenario; you decide to evade professional dryer vent cleaners only to have the fire service putting off a fire at your place.

How is that a wise decision?

Although daily dryer vent cleaning is considered not necessary, it is a service that can be done once every month depending on how often you use your dryer.

In addition to cleaning your dryer vents, AI duct cleanings are the best. They take their time to inspects, locate, and repair any potential damages with your ducts. This ensures your dryer continues to serve you for a long time. Do not push your dryer vent cleaning to the back burner; it could be the difference between life and death.


Ducts and vents are large tubes that run through a home to the exterior. They expel dirt, dust, and prevent them from gathering indoors. When you have a problem with your vent, dirt and other pathogens saturate the air inside instead of going out. Furthermore, they are harmful to you, your health, and affect your energy bill.

The dryer vent is also the only passage tube for lint and dirt that are removed from our clothes, and while there is just enough air to push them out of the vent, it cannot 100 percent expel the dirt. Besides, the lint blocks the vent exits causing a close and putting yours at risk.

What Is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

When was the last time you cleaned your vent? Guess you cannot remember, but if you are used to neglecting ducts and vents that run in your wall or on the surface, you are sitting on a time bomb. This is to stress the importance of cleaning the dryer vents. The dryer vent is that shining aluminum tube that runs across the basement walls to the outside. It allows debris and pieces of fabrics that fall of your clothes during drying be expelled out of your dryer to the outside. 

Cleaning the dryer vents ensures the dirt and debris don-t clog the vents, and airflow is not obstructed.

When Should A Dryer Vent Be Cleaned?

For residential properties, the dryer vent should be cleaned twice or thrice a year, depending on the usage. If you run a commercial establishment, it should be cleaned as regularly as possible. However, you should have your dryer vent inspected periodically to ensure they are working well and not prone to clogging. If you do less laundry and only use the dryer once in a while, have it cleaned once every year.

Why Shouldn’t DIY Your Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Some people claim it saves them money, and others love the thrill of getting their hands dirty. These are the facts:

  • When you do it yourself, You can never totally clean the dryer vent of your own
  • DIY dryer vent cleaning will not reach the inner section of the vents where most of the dirt is gathered
  • You will only make the situation worse as some dirt you cleaned from the out section will be transported into the vent and cause clogging
  • You will end up paying more money in energy bills and in hiring a professional service provider

How Do The Dryer Vents Work?

According to the US Fire Administration, 92 percent of household fires start in the dryer vent because of the lint. These fires result in over 30 million dollars loss in property, and an average of 5 deaths. The dryer vent is attached to the vent exit of your dryer. This is, in turn, linked by a long aluminum hose that is passed through the walls to the exterior of the house.

And if you are thinking must my dryer vent be linked to the outside of the house, Yes. A full load of dryer contains about 2 liters of water/moisture on them. When the dryer spins the clothes, it removes the excess water and moisture with tiny pieces of fabric that are blown down the vent.

Now, remember that the fan attached to the dryer vent is not robust enough to blow the debris all the way outside. This lint and other small dirt are trapped in the lining of the hose.

Although plastic and vinyl hose is not commonly used as dryer vents, the flexible aluminum hose is also susceptible to fires when the vents get clogged.

How Do I Know When To Clean The Dryer Vent?

Keeping the dryer vent clean is essential to its proper functioning, but before your contact the best dryer vent cleaning crew, note of the following.

  • When your clothes take longer to dry, or you need more than a cycle to dry them – this is the first sign that your dryer vent needs attention. If you feel it has just been cleaned, then call the cleaning team for a thorough inspection of the vent. Sometimes a leaky vent is also to blame.
  • When your clothes still have some moisture on them regardless of how much time they spend in the dryer
  • Your clothes feel hotter to touch after a drying cycle – clothes will feel warm to touch due to the spinning action of the dryer. However, if the vents have a problem, clothes spun are oddly hot.
  • The dryer gets hot and smells of burning plastic – a clogged dryer vent means the dryer cannot expel heat and moisture effectively. This also signifies high power consumption. However, if the clothes in the dryer get too hot or the surface feels heated, or you smell burning plastic, call the best dryer vent cleaning team, ASAP.
  • The exhaust velocity is low, and the external flaps are clogged or not opening well – when the hose is clogged, the air is not passing to the exterior. This means the dryer is not working up to capacity and consuming more energy to function efficiently.
  • Your clothes smell damp and moldy – because air is not properly circulated, this can cause improper expulsion of moisture from the clothes. Over time, it results in the mold build-up that smells on your garments during drying.

So to prevent yourself and home from been counted in the statistics, do the needful now. Even when you are fortunate, and the dryer does not cause a fire, it will release dangerous fumes that are harmful when breathed in, and affect your health adversely.

The Benefits of Dry Vent Cleaning

A clean dryer vent makes your job easier. Let’s face it, it is tiring to wash and dry already tiring. Having to dry the clothes multiple times is exhausting. So rather than blame your dryer for not working well, call the professional and have the dryer vents checked. It cannot be that difficult.

  • It increases the longevity of the dryer – there are top range dryers that employ amazing technology to dry your clothes, but it doesn’t matter if the vents are dirty. The dryer’s efficiency depends on the cleanliness of the vent, if the vent of clogged or has a problem, you will end up buying another dryer, and giving a negative review when it was your fault.
  • You are preventing a fire in your home – the lint and debris that get caught up in the vent eventually dry up. Remember, dry air only needs a source of heat, oxygen, and fan to burn, which is obvious with a dryer vent. So to prevent a hazard from happening, get the dryer vent cleaned. It will save your home and family.
  • The clothes dry faster and look cleaner – when the dryer vent is clogged, the lint is no longer sucked into the vents but remains in the dryer. This means your clothes don’t get dry in a cycle, and they look dull and dusty because the vent could not extract the lint into the vent. This also results in clothes looking duller and washed out.
  • The electricity bill is driving you insane – we did mention that the dryer and clothes get hot when the dryer vent is clogged or has an issue. This is caused by the unit using more power to operate causing a hike in the bill. You may not see a drastic reduction in the bill immediately, it will happen subsequently.
  • It saves you time – you may not notice the impact of a clogged dryer vent at first, but when your washing takes longer to dry or still have moisture on them, it is time. So rather than waste time on a second and third dryer cycle, call the best dryer vent cleaning service now.

Why You Need A Professional Help For Your Dryer Vent Cleaning?

True, you can decide to DIY your dryer vent cleaning but the professional do a deep, clean, and top-notch job that will have your vent blowing away in a matter of minutes.

  • They know the vents better than you – that is a plus, isn’t it. Dryer vents are not the easiest job in the world. It involves lots of moving, loosening, and using the appropriate tools to prevent damaging the vent. Only a professional can guarantee a 100 percent result.
  • They come to prepare – with the twist and turn in dryer vents; you had better have the right tools on hand. Professional dryer vent cleaning companies have sophisticated tools that will extra all dirt, lint, and debris buried in the lining to have your laundry smelling fresh.
  • They offer inspection service too – when you hire the services of the best dryer vent cleaning team, you get more than you bargain for. Sometimes, not all dryer vents are clogged, some have other issues, and only a thorough inspection can detect the problem.

Whether you need a dryer vent cleaning done or want more information about having the vents cleaned, contact A1 Air Duct cleaning service today. You can also call them on (866) 806-1666 or email them at to schedule a dryer vent cleaning on your property.

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