Why is it important to clean your air ducts?

Why is it important to clean your air ducts?

For the simple reason that they are dirty, why it is important to clean your air ducts.

The air ducts of a home are the respiratory system of the building, they circulate hot and cool air around the house, maintaining and regulating temperature, but that is not all.

The air ducts ensure that the air in your home is clean, and safe to breathe.

Even in scenarios where we work all day and come home only at night, we spend close to 10 or 12 hours in our house. That is equivalent to 10 hours of dirty air intake from a filthy air duct.

Air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for lots of pathogens that affect our respiratory system.

Their ability to circulate hot and cold air makes them an excellent environment for dirt, mold, mildew, and dust mites to multiply. This means with every sniff of air from a dirty air duct, you put your life and those of your loved ones in danger.

Air ducts are usually hidden away; this out of sight mentality put us at risk, but not to worry.

Do you feel the air in your home is heavy and choking you? Are your kids suffering from persistent coughs, catarrh, sneezing, or allergic reaction you cannot trace? It is time to clean your air ducts and stop wasting money on regular hospital visits.


Although hiring a professional service provider to clean your air ducts is the right choice, it is also fair to dispel the belief that you do not need to clean them. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, dirty air ducts have not shown to trigger or exacerbate any illness nor is there any solid backing arguing otherwise.

It is necessary to know that the air ducts in your home are transport systems for harmful particles and pathogens can enter your home. It is essential to clean your ducts; it’s because they are a health risk that accumulates over time.

However, the EPA does suggest cleaning the air ducts at fixed intervals will prevent dust and debris from circulating in your home.

Benefits of cleaning your air ducts

  • Eliminate indoor pollution – the small space inside most homes causes pollutants to remain longer and become detrimental to your health. When air ducts are cleaned, it decreases the number of pollutants and improves our health. A faulty or dirty air duct also means improper circulation of air, poor ventilation, and temperature regulations.
  • Air is the cleaning and safer – a clean air duct means a cleaner, fresher, and safer air. For a home with young children, there is nothing like ensuring the quality of air is top-notch. It also reduces the number of dust particles in the home and reduces time spent cleaning surfaces.
  • No more allergens – although pollution enters the home through various points, it is the job of the duct to remove them. For people who suffer from one allergy and respiratory issues, cleaning your air ducts can make all the difference in their health.
  • Lightens the air around the home – a dirty air duct makes the home damp and stuffy. To prevent this, and help your family breathe better, clean the ducts today.
  • Unfamiliar smells and odors around the home is a sign of unhealthy ducts. While you waste so much money on air fresheners and blocks, book a consultation, and have your home free from all smells in the ducts that are entering into the house.
  • Reduce energy bills – an impromptu jump in the electricity bill, don’t call the power company just yet. Have your air ducts checked, the problems might be lurking in there.

What is air duct cleaning?

Air pollution is the biggest problem in our society today. This problem has entered our homes, but most people are oblivious of the pressing issue and the health effect of dirty air on their person.

When you buy or rent a house, one of the selling points is the cooling and heating capabilities. This ensures that the house can stay cool or hot during the seasons and keep the tenants or homeowners safe.

Over time, the air dust gathers dirt, dust, and mold due to condensation that can be harmful to the occupants or develops a problem that reduces the efficiency. You do not need to worry, call the professionals, and ensure they are approved, qualified to offer such services.

Air duct cleaning includes cleaning the different components that makeup heating or air conditioner system to restore it back to normal.

How do I know my air ducts needs cleaning?

 There are so many ways to identify a dirty air duct. The very obvious is the air feels damp and heavy. The air ducts are meant to circulate air – this includes taking used air around the home out and brings in a fresh light and cleaner air.

However, if your air ducts are clogged or not functioning up to par, it is unable to completely remove dirty air or bring in clean air. When this happens, the air ducts need cleaning ASAP.

You discover mold in your home or around the vents. This is a huge red flag. Molds are dangerous and can cause serious allergies and respiratory illnesses, especially in children, mold spores cause itchy and watery eyes too.

If you notice mold growing anywhere in the home or around the vents, call the professionals now. Although not all molds are health hazards, a stitch in time saves nine. To prevent the occurrence of mold and mildew have your HVAC systems cleaned once or twice a year to reduce condensation, mold growth, and mildew, especially in a humid climate.

Furthermore, ensure all molds are checked by a certified body of the type and risk attached. Remember that a case of mold makes your air ducts and home prone to risk.

The energy bill is through the roof

we all want to cut the power bill each month. While an increase in electricity bills can mean you are consuming more power, it can also be a sign of a dirty duct. When the air ducts are unclean, it causes the unit to consume more to deliver efficiency. Another way to determine a dirty duct are dust particles around the home, swooshing sound coming from the vents, and the filter gets dirty too often. The obstruction in the ducts is the reason for the hike. Get them inspected now and reduce your energy bill.

Inconsistency in the airflow around the home

have you ever felt your bedroom is not as cool as the living room on a hot sunny day? Air duct systems are built to deliver uniformity in the air circulation in each space in a home. Whether large or small, they deliver accordingly. So if you the airflow are not regulated, call the professionals for a thorough check of the air ducts.

Water sipping through the vent or a pest infestation problem

Rodents are the number one problem of air ducts. This four-legged creature will chew through anything, including the air ducts. This can also lead to water entering your home during a downpour. When you notice water sipping in from the ducts or see or hear footprints or squeaky sounds, you know what to do, inspect your air ducts now.

Finally, improperly installed and maintained ducts are easily contaminated and pose a problem in the future. When moving into or restoring the air ducts in the home, ensure you call in the services of a qualified and approved team, do not compromise.

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Anyway, these are some reasons to clean your air ducts. Although there are lots of DIY videos online showing you how to clean your air ducts, leave it to the professionals if you want clean quality air in your home.

For homes that have wood-burning ovens, fireplaces, and furnaces, they need their air ducts checked to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide circulating the air and endangering your life.

Cleaning a dusty duct required some serious professionalism; a good team should get through the process without dirtying your apartment. In some instances, air ducts infested with mold mildew and other harmful microbes are cleaned thoroughly with chemicals that kill the pathogens. This will ensure it doesn’t return, keeping you safe in your home. Our service also includes the use of a sealant that reduced dust and other debris from entering the air. The cleaning process is a meticulous one that requires credible and competent hands with excellent consumer protection and work ethics for the job.

Choosing a Good Duct Cleaning Service Provider

If you open the yellow pages, you will find numerous air duct cleaners littered throughout the state and in your neighborhood. However, just because they are listed does not mean they are qualified.

Some duct cleaners only install air ducts in homes, others repair or maintain ducts. Only a handful are registered and qualified to install, repair, or maintain and service your air ducts. 

For more information, you can check for qualified services on the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

Next, contact the company and inquire about their service.

how long they have been working, ask for their website, and how they work. 

  • Never assume that if a company is registered, it is legit and can offer all the needs you need for your home.
  • Some key points to watch out for
  • Cross-check reference to ensure it is real and not paid for
  • Service providers should have a physical office and mobile vehicle known to the community they service
  • Be cautious of providers claiming and promising over the top service
  • Ask neighbors or investigate the company and its claims
  • Ensure that the company is following the standards rules and regulations set forth by NADCA
  • Always ask for their business license and other certifications, if possible
  • Ask for their service charge and how long each process takes.

How do you know the air ducts are clean after a duct cleaning service?

It is very easy to determine if the air ducts were cleaned properly.

  • If your ducts were making funny swooshing noises, you should not hear the sound anymore except for the fan spinning silently.
  • If your apartment smelt damp with mold and mildew growing in some place, especially around the vents. You will see them no more.
  • If the temperature around the home was not consistent or the heating or cooling circulation was bad, it should improve tremendously.
  • If your energy bill was through the roof, you will notice a considerable drop. Perhaps not in the first month after the service, but you will definitely see a reduction in subsequent months.

Furthermore, every part of the ducts should be clean and smell delightful too. The air quality around the home will improve tremendously, and the air quality fresher.

How often should I clean my air duct?

The Environmental protection Agency EPA states that air ducts should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years for residents. Commercial and industrial outlets will need to clean their more depending on the usage. However, air ducts should be maintained and checked at least twice a year to prevent contamination build-up or irreparable damage.

How to Prevent Duct Contamination?

Using the right duct service team is the first preventive measure to a long-lasting functional air duct. However, the following are ways to prevent contamination and damage to your air ducts.

  • Use certified and first-grade heating and cooling filters
  • Schedule a maintenance check to curb any problem before it escalates
  • Clean filters at regular intervals to remove dust build-up
  • Never remove the filter system because you want a space to cool or heat up faster
  • Ensure the duct are installed by certified personnel to prevent water or condensation build-up
  • Ensure all parts are the right size and fit for the system during installation

So if your air ducts are not functioning up to par, don’t allow the problem cumulate, book your consultation today. Cleaner air ducts equal fresher air and a healthier you.

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